An intra-college Game Development Competition was conducted on 28th-29th November’20, wherein enthusiastic students of IIT Goa participated and demonstrated their excellent coding and creativity skills in basic programming languages: C++, JAVA, and Python. The event was presided by Dr. Sharad Sinha, Dr. Bidyadhar Subudhi, Dr. Sujit Sahoo, and Dr. Nandakumar Nambath. The event focused on the development of console-based games where the competitors had to follow one of the three themes announced at the beginning of the event. The game structure and the essential resources for each theme were provided and active participation was seen from students of all the branches and years. All the submissions were judged on the basis of originality, creativity & innovation, design, game interface, layout, and overall gameplay experience and finally, the winners of the event were recognized with a Certificate of Achievement. Read More


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Event 1.0

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The introductory event of the IEEE Student Branch (SB) of IIT Goa was organized on 17th July’20 and was conducted virtually due to the corona outbreak. The event was held under the able guidance of Dr. Sharad Sinha, Dr. Nandakumar Nambath, Dr. Sashidhar Sampathirao, and Dr. Neelakandan Rajamohan. Students were introduced to the newly established student branch by the email which marked the beginning of the event sent by the branch chairman, Prasoon Vishwakarma. The event was compromised of four tasks and the interested students were requested to form a team, of up to 4 members, with students of different branches and skills due to the eclectic nature of the event. Read More

Unite for Unity

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An intercollege event conducted in IIT Goa’s first-ever tech-fest Cepheus was organized from 15th to 17th January 2020. The event was entirely virtual and based on game development using the Unity Game Engine. This event was aimed to familiarize individuals with the tools and resources of designing a game. The event comprised two themes, one for beginners and one for experienced in using the Unity platform. The uniqueness of the event attracted a large number of participants and many amazing submissions. Entries for both the themes were judged and awarded separately based on the Completion, Originality, Creativity, Design, Bugs, Game Interface, Layout, and Overall Gameplay Experience. Finally, the event concluded successfully along with the conclusion of tech-fest Cepheus. Read More