Communication : A skill to thrive in your career

By Lt Cdr Sadhana Giri

“Give a girl the right shoe and she’ll conquer the world”
“No matter what gender you are, your dreams are valid”
“You may see me struggling but you will never see me quit”

If one takes a closer look at the alchemy of the achieving person, two distinct virtues pop up , besides perseverance and hard work. These are pioneering spirit and willingness.

Our guest of honor and speaker for the event is the living idiom of a woman with impressive background and achievements. She is an Ex-Naval Officer, an entrepreneur and a community builder. She is also a crown holder of MIQS Mrs Goodwill Ambassador 2019 and Mrs India Worldwide Mrs pride of nation-2019.

Lt. Cmdr. Sadhana Giri is an inspiration for all the women in the world to pursue their dreams. She has proven that women can be smart, strong, successful, be in touch with their feminity and raise a family. She has rose above the societal norms and worked in a male dominated profession proving a women’s capabilities and versatile nature.

Today, she is empowering the people to make a positive impact on the world with her guidance and experience. She works with them as a life coach to help develop their communication skills, leadership skills and guide people to conquer and overcome their everyday obstacles to achieve their goals. 

On the topic: 

Being eloquent is an integrated part of being a great leader. One’s ability to clearly and confidently share their thoughts and opinions can decide if they make it or break it. Mrs. Giri will be sharing her expertise and educating the students on how to develop effective communication and presentation skills and how to conquer the stage.