2023 Fall Events Highlight

IEEE at SBU held over 30 events over the Fall 2023 semester, including multiple technical, social, professional, and academic events! With 77 active members, a total attendance of 954, and average attendance of 28, we hope to provide more events in the future for students to foster a network of bright, like-minded leaders in technological innovation.

MIT Micromouse Competition

At MIT, we participated a micromouse competition with our own designed maze solving robot, and won best design award with being placed as 2nd place overall!

R2 Micromouse Competition

Back for Micromouse again, we competed in IEEE Region 1 and Region 2 Joint Student Conference. Our teams placed 1st and 3rd in the Micromouse Competition and were able to meet other IEEE members from Region 1 and Region 2 while experiencing the many technical workshops and showcases there.

Open Project Space (OPS) Project

The Open Project Space (OPS) Program is a beginner-friendly workshop series designed to teach our students Arduino, hardware, and software skills used in electrical engineering and related fields. Led by students, participants are guided through making their own mini-projects to solidify newly learned electrical engineering skills. Each workshop will prepare participants and help them grow their skillset, culminating in the capstone project Micromouse. By the end of the program, students are given the skills they need to compete in our own Micromouse Competition and off-campus Micromouse Competitions held by IEEE.

Student-Professor Mixer

Our biggest event of the semester, our annual Student-Professor Mixer is a networking event where students are able to network with professors and faculty in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Professors and faculty offered their experiences and a chance to learn about each other’s backgrounds, professional experiences, and research interests.

Soldering Workshop

With a custom PCB designed by our executive board, we introduced students from various majors to soldering by hosting a workshop in our very own laboratory space! Students honed their skills and got to take home the project. 

Zebra Technologies Company Tour

Thanks to Rhonda Green from IEEE LI and Zebra Technologies, our students toured Zebra Technologies, a B2B company that is #1 in barcodes, RFID scanners, and inventory management. Students were able to tour different teams for product showcases, innovative designs, and fetch robotics demonstration. They also connected with recruiters and engineers at Zebra to learn about career opportunities.

GBM 3: Research Panel

We hosted a discussion with five panelists on their recent IEEE conference papers. Students were able to learn about panelists’ research topics, gain insights on their experiences within electrical, computer, and software engineering research, and get advice for finding such opportunities.

ChatGPT Workshop

As ChatGPT is an essential tool to know how to use in engineering and computer science filed, we taught students how to integrate the ChatGPT API into their projects so they can make requests to generate dynamic content.

GBM 1: Welcome to IEEE!

At our first General Body Meeting (GBM), we welcomed students and helped them get involved by introducing our mission, executive board members, and our student laboratory! We also gave away some prizes.

GBM 2: Game Night

Fun event for students to play games, eat, and socialize.

GBM 4: Paint Social

At this autumn themed GBM, students destressed from exams and socialized with fellow students at IEEE at SBU. Students painted their own pumpkins while enjoying delicious pies.

IEEE Picnic

Our students went to the IEEE Long Island Sunken Meadow picnic, where we socialized and relaxed together with BBQ.

Review Session

To help students prepare for their final exams, we held review sessions for multiple related courses such as ESE 124 (Programming Fundamentals), ESE 271 (Electrical Circuit Analysis), and ESE 331 (Semiconductor Devices).