Research Groups


Medical and biological situations are addressed using the latest Artificial Intelligence Techniques.

Tissue Engineering

Restore organ and celullar function with concepts of microbiology and materials science

Brain Computer Interface

Study and use of the interface ‘Emotiv Insight’ for acquiring and processing EEG signals

Signal Processing

Take advantage of the physiology lab to study, practice and innovate on EMGs projects.

Rehabilitation Technologies

Design and development of solutions for patients in rehabilitation process

Contact our researchers

  • Team Leader: Sebastián Felipe Alfonso Roa
  • Diego Fernando Bulla Poveda
  • Pablo Andrés Hurtado Hernández
  • Team Leader: Laura Jineth Pardo Castro
  • Carlos Mario Jiménez Novoa
  • Pablo Andrés Hurtado Hernández
  • Andrés Felipe Forero Salas
  • Juan David Ángel Castellanos
  • Team Leader: Nicolás Betancourt Sánchez
  • Pablo Andrés Hurtado Hernández
  • Andrés Sebastián Serna Montaño
  • Team Leader: John Alejandro Hernández Mora
  • Juan Camilo Santana Salgado
  • Iris del Mar Lineros González
  • Team Leader: Juan Camilo Santana Salgado
  • Óscar Iván Rojas Balcázar
  • Hernán David Moreno
  • Ross Alejandra Silva Torres
  • Juan Diego Alfonso

For further details on any of our research areas or projects contact our project coordinator Oscar Rojas at or write to the corresponding team leader.