Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBs)

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBs) is the world’s largest biomedical Engineering Society. Around 12,000 members of the organization live in 97 countries all around the world. EMBs provides its members access to professional networking, information, ideas and opinions shaping one of the field with fastest growth in relation with science.

Our members are in charge of designing the circuits for the correct functioning of pacemakers, they create software to read  Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) and they help develop wireless technologies which allow patients and doctors to communicate throughout long distances. 

They are interested in bioinformatics, biotechnology, clinic Engineering, Information technologies, biomedical measuring and instrumentation, micro and nano technology, radiology and robots. They are students, researchers and educators, specialists and medical doctors: Bioengineering is the bond between science and life for the benefit of humanity.

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- EMB Student Chapter - Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Our EMBs Student Chapter gathers undergraduate and postgraduate students from engineering, biology and health sciences. Therefore our human resource is essential for developing this initiative in an interdisciplinary way. For more information, emb_fibog

EMB Student Chapter UNAL 2020

Meet our Governing Board

Prof. Jan Bacca Rodríguez PhD. Advisor
John Alejandro Hernández Chair
Nicolas Pulido Gerena Outreach Chief
Pablo Andrés Hurtado Hernádez
Pablo Andrés Hurtado Vocational Leader
Oscar Iván Rojas Projects Coordinator
Harold Lozano Arias Outreach Chief
Juan Camilo Santana Vocational Leader
Diego Fernando Bulla Webmaster
Mitchell Rodríguez Barreto Project Coordinator