Meet our invited speakers!

Prof. Álvaro Ríos Poveda

Prof. Alvaro Ríos Poveda, received his B.E in Electronics Engineering in the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Master degree in Biomedical Engineering in the Universidad Simón Bolívar, further studies in Neural Prosthesis (USF) and EMBA (ISEAD). He has focused on research and development of assistive technologies for improving disabled people’s quality of life in developing countries. From the beginning of his career as a researcher he has taken interest for bionic systems, myoelectric prosthesis and neural prosthesis, which have led him to be pioneer and a point of reference in the development of such systems with sensory feedback. He has been a leader for more than 15 years of multinational high-technological companies, manufacture and services for health-oriented technology. He has been C-Level executive in companies like Siemmens, Medical AG, Draeger, Esaote Biomedica, IQ, etc. His great experience has led him to cooperate with several European and Asian companies building an outstanding leadership and innovative.
He is currently CEO of Human Assistive Technologies, Member of the IFMBE Publicity Committee and Chairman for the America in Bionics and Cyborgs 2019, 2020 of the IEE, Member of SOBIM, Member of GATE chapter of the World Health Organization (WHO), co-founder Member of the Colombian Association of Biomedical Engineering (ABIOIN), University Professor and thesis judge in several countries.

Gustavo Adolfo Pineda Ortiz Ft. Msc

Gustavo Adolfo Pineda Ortiz, received his degree as a Physical Therapist in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia with outstanding performance in the areas of Science, Morpho-physiology and Physiology. Graduated with honors by the University and Outstanding Master Thesis. His academic and research interests are: Bio signal processing, pattern recognition, dynamic and complex systems analysis applied to the understanding of Human Motion Control, Biomechanical Analysis, Biomedical Instrumentation and therapeutic Electrical Stimulation. He has professional experience as a University professor in Physiology and in exercise prescription for Chronic non-communicable diseases, assistant experience in the areas of Neurological rehabilitation, Fourth-Level Hospitals, Intensive Care Unit and technical supervision of innovation projects.