3 Days VQIP for Engineering & Fraternity. (Event Poster)


A 3 day long virtual event aimed at quality improvement for engineering and technology fraternity. Three webinars will be held on three successive days starting from 9th July till 11th July. The event will take place on Google Meet and YouTube platforms. The speakers are eminent IEEE members like Dr. Elisa Barney, Prof. M. Benbouzid and Prof Nitin. K. Saxena. They will be delivering talks and discussing topics focusing on quality improvement for engineering and technology.  The main objectives of the quality improvement programme is to upgrade the expertise and capabilities of the faculty members and students.   This programme will make the understanding of the culture of research and better teaching learning capabilities by exposing participants to the environment of the institutes of study.
  • The QIP program Provides opportunities to faculty members for improving their qualifications degree-level engineering.
  • Participants will be able to organize technical events with the most recent innovative topics.
  • QIP improves classroom teaching and learning.
  • QIP program will be idea to give quality services to your organization with the recent innovation.


The event is targeted for STEM enthusiasts and learners. People from all branches of engineering can benefit from this event as the topics covered will be of intermediate level.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3